When Rafael Nadal talked about Xisca’s opinion on Shakira’s Gipsy

In recent weeks, a Spanish paparazzo revealed an alleged love story between Rafael Nadal and Shakira, when the Colombian pop star shot the video of the hit Gipsy. At that time, Nadal was engaged to his longtime partner and current wife Maria Francisca Perello.

At the time, Rafa was asked what his then-girlfriend Xisca thought of being Shakira’s love interest in her music video of her. Nadal told: “This shoot is very different from all the others I’ve done in the past.

I’ve done a lot of commercials, but doing something like this was completely different, and I really enjoyed it. Shakira was, as always, spectacular.” He then added: “It was a new experience, and of course, working with a woman as charming as Shakira, it makes it much easier to tell the truth.

It was great, very easy, she’s really sweet and that always makes the hours go by faster.” About if his girlfriend was fine with the video, he said: “No problem, that’s part of the job!”

Shakira’s words

Shakira said at that time about the video: “I think that this song ‘Gypsy’ is a very faithful reflection of the way I see the world, the way I see myself.

It somehow fits the way I have lived my life since I started my career like a nomad, traveling and observing so many different things from different cultures. I guess that turned me into a gypsy in a metaphorical sense. When I thought of including someone in this video, I wanted this person to be someone I felt identified with, someone who had traveled the world and had to fight many battles and give the best in himself to achieve something.

So I thought of Rafael Nadal because he is also a person who started his career very, very young and pursued his own goals. Also, he’s very good looking.”

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