‘We all know that the way Rafael Nadal plays is…’, says top analyst

Rafael Nadal always amazes with his dedication and his hunger for victories.

Currently she is not experiencing a great moment of form but the American tennis player Sloane Stephens has been one of the protagonists of the last decade. The former number 3 in the world has won 7 career tournaments, including the Miami Open 2018 and above all the US Open, a home tournament in 2017.

In the two-year period 2017-2018 she experienced the most important moments of her career, in fact she reached the final at Roland Garros in 2018 and also the Wta Tour Finals, always in that same year. A few days ago, precisely on August 14th, Sloane was the protagonist of a curious episode on her Twitter channel.

The tennis player asked on Twitter if there was anyone who could help her improve her Spanish. Her husband, the well-known footballer Jozy Altidore, responded by admitting candidly that he was not an expert and joked with the following message: “Damn, if only I had a husband who spoke Spanish correctly.

“Stephens later confirmed that she had started using the learning platform known as Duolingo and asked her followers to wish him luck. In these hours Sloane Stephens shared a photo of the tennis player smiling next to tennis legend Rafael Nadal.

Sloane titled the selfie with the 21-time Grand Slam champion as ‘Besties’ There is a curious anecdote about Sloane Stephens and Rafa Nadal that dates back to 2018. The tennis player revealed that at that time she asked the Majorcan champion to train with her, a bit like he had done with Maria Sharapova in Rome, but he had obtained a surprising refusal.

Schett opens up on Nadal

Former World No. 7 Barbara Schett has shed light on Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer’s career longevity. Speaking to Eurosport, Schett said, “We all know that the way Rafa plays is very physical and the way he moves, the way he chases the ball like no one else.

And I think his willpower and his way of overcoming injuries and his pain threshold is so high that I never, I never thought his career would be so long. But, yes, i mean: he proved me wrong once again and i think a lot of people did too.

If you look at Roger Federer’s style of play compared to Rafa Nadal’s style of play, we always thought Roger was going to have a much longer career than Rafa Nadal, but that is not the case. And that’s the beautiful thing of tennis, you can’t foresee anything,” she added.

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