Victoria Azarenka gives answer: Is she retiring, pregnant or is it something else?

Former world No. 1 Victoria Azarenka is not retiring or pregnant as she admitted that her fans put a smile on her face with their guesses regarding the tweet she sent out on Sunday. “Announcement tomorrow,” Azarenka tweeted on Sunday.

In another tweet also posted on Sunday, Azarenka wrote: “Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right.” Azarenka’s tweet sparked lots of curiosity as some wondered if the two-time Grand Slam champion was about to announce retirement or pregnancy.

On Monday, Azarenka announced the second season of her podcast ‘Think About It.” “Hi everyone! I know my tweet yesterday sparked a lot of curiosity about what my announcement will be. To be fair some were pretty funny.

Retirement, pregnancy, and many others. These comments put a smile on my face and reminded me how many people love to watch me play and chase my dreams. I appreciate this and thank you for such a great reminder. Now for the announcement, I’ve worked really hard these last eight months to create and drop the second season of my podcast ‘Think About It’ live now on Tennis Channel and all your favorite podcast networks.”

Azarenka: This season features very intimate and open conversations

“I’m excited to share with the world as this season has very intimate, open, and emotional conversations with some amazing people. In this season, I open up deeply and discuss topics, including what happened in Miami, which is something that I’ve wanted to address with the world in my own words.

I hope you get a chance to listen and watch. See you at the US Open,” Azarenka added.

Azarenka specifically mentioned that she opened up about the Miami moment from earlier this year.

In Miami, Azarenka was 6-2 3-0 down before retiring to Linda Fruhvirtova seemingly without a clear reason. After the match, some weren’t impressed by Azarenka’s behavior. It will be interesting to see what Azarenka said about that specific moment.

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