Venus Williams speaks about Serena Williams’ influence on her career

Venus Williams admits that just being around Serena Williams has had a great influence on her life and career. Serena, a former 23-time Grand Slam champion, ended her pro career after the US Open. Venus, 42, is a seven-time Grand Slam champion and there was a period in the early 2000s when her own sister was her biggest rival on the court.

But Serena and Venus never allowed tennis or their careers to negatively impact their outstanding off the court relationship. “Serena has taught me so much and there’s so much you can learn just from being around greatness and that’s what she is – the greatest ever,” Venus told Glamour UK.

Venus Williams on drawing inspiration from Serena

“It’s more of a motivation and when I see her doing great, it’s my success. It’s also motivating for me and lets me know I also can do that, and that’s how you have to look at other people’s success.

I love seeing people do great. I don’t like to see anyone fail. I like to see my opponents lose against me, but other than that I like to ride that energy that other people bring with success,” Venus added. In conversation with Glamour UK, Venus also shared an advice to the younger generation of players.

Venus, a former world No 1, feels that avoiding the toxicity of media is one of the keys to preserving your mental health and being able to focus solely on your game. “Don’t read any articles on yourself or listen to TV comments or any media, and focus on the game and enjoying your life.

Remember, it’s just a game,” Venus said. Meanwhile, Venus appeared in four singles tournaments this year, going 0-4. After the US Open was over, Venus Williams indicated that her career wasn’t over and that she will play again in 2023.

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