Venus Williams opens up healthy competition between her, Serena Williams

Venus Williams says there has always been a healthy competition between her and her sister Serena Williams. After Serena concluded her career-final tournament at this past US Open, she paid a very special tribute to Venus.

“I wouldn’t be Serena if there wasn’t Venus, so thank you, Venus. She’s the only reason Serena Williams ever existed,” Serena underlined after the final match of her career. Now, in an interview with Glamour UK, Venus opened up about her and Serena competing against each other since their childhood.

Venus Williams on Serena: The greatest ever

“Yeah, Serena and I are very co-dependent. We do the same thing that the other one does. It just goes on and on, it’s an endless cycle – even when we were around eight years old and going like, ‘I want to do it, too!’ But it’s more of a motivation and when I see her doing great, it’s my success.

It’s also motivating for me and lets me know I also can do that, and that’s how you have to look at other people’s success. I love seeing people do great. I don’t like to see anyone fail. I like to see my opponents lose against me, but other than that I like to ride that energy that other people bring with success.

Serena has taught me so much and there’s so much you can learn just from being around greatness and that’s what she is – the greatest ever,” Venus told Glamour UK. In the final tournament of her career, Serena teamed up with Venus for the US Open doubles event.

The Williams sisters, who won 14 Grand Slam doubles titles together, didn’t make it too far in New York as they were beaten in the first round by Lucie Hradecka and Linda Noskova. The Williams sisters were playing doubles for the first time since 2018.

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