Venus Williams on Ashleigh Barty as doubles partner: Would be great

Venus Williams captured 14 Grand Slam women’s doubles titles with Serena.

Venus Williams named Ashleigh Barty and Althea Gibson as her dream doubles partners outside of Serena Williams. Venus captured 14 Grand Slam titles in the women’s doubles competition, with each of those 14 titles coming alongside her sister Serena.

According to Sportskeeda, Venus held a AMA (ask me anything) on Instagram. One of the questions she received was to name her dream non-Serena doubles partners. Barty was a three-time Grand Slam champion and the top-ranked player in the world when she finished her career in March.

On the other side, Gibson was the first Black woman to win a Wimbledon title. “But once you’ve played with Serena, it’s hard to get a better partner! (Ashleigh) Barty would be great! But it would have been amazing to play with Althea,” Venus Williams answered.

Venus Williams paid a touching tribute to Serena

After Serena’s career came to an end at the US Open, Venus said the game will not be the same “without its GOAT.” “After 1 year after away from the game, there is still no one who can approach her level, her intensity her excitement, her entertainment.

There will never be another @serenawilliams her legacy lives on in all those she inspired to greatness, me included! No one has effected the game, or sport, the way she has. Tennis won’t be the same without its GOAT,” Venus wrote on Instagram.

Shortly after the final match of her career, Serena showed love to her sister Venus as she acknowledged that her older sister played a big part in her success. “And I wouldn’t be Serena if there wasn’t Venus, so thank you, Venus.

She’s the only reason that Serena Williams ever existed, so, I don’t know. Just everyone from Jill to Isha to my sister Lyn, to my husband, Olympia, to Jarmere. Everyone in that box there today. Alexis, Kristy, Derrick (phonetic).”

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