Tennis legend dragged into ugly Novak Djokovic controversy

Tennis great Martina Navratilova has been the target of a number of Novak Djokovic fans after the icon claimed she didn’t agree with the 21-time grand slam champion’s Covid stance.

Navratilova has always been outspoken on tennis and societal issues and recently weighed in on the Djokovic vaccination stance.

Back during the Australian Open, Navratilova claimed it was probably best for Djokovic to ‘go home after causing public uproar upon his arrival and subsequent deportation due to his unvaccinated status.

Despite often defending his on-court behavior, Navratilova said the former World No.1 needed to accept there were ‘too many mistakes’ during his legal battle with the Australian Government and it was time to leave.

However, more recently, Navratilova admitted she blocked a number of Djokovic fans after the tennis icon alleged she was being targeted.

Djokovic’s ineligibility to play in the US Open has caused public outrage.

The Wimbledon champion admitted he had accepted the position that he would most likely not play in the US-based grand slam.

With the relaxing of guidelines within the US for unvaccinated citizens in August, many believe World No.6 should be able to play in New York.

However, as it stands, the government won’t allow unvaccinated citizens to enter the country.

But after being the subject of some comments on Djokovic, she defended herself on social media.

“Been defending Novak for a long time. Completely disagree on his covid stance,” she wrote in reply to a tweet.

“And for that I got abuse – so blocked more than a few jerks.”

Another fan claimed Navratilova was ‘anti-Djokovic’ and claimed the best player in the world shouldn’t be treated like he has been.

However, this started a huge argument and Navratilova hit back at wild allegations she was part of a ‘tennis establishment’ against Djokovic.

She also correctly clarified it wasn’t the Australian Open or the US Open that had denied Djokovic entry into the tournament, but the governments enforcing border restrictions on unvaccinated visitors.

Despite Navratilova disagreeing with Djokovic’s vaccination stance, US tennis great John McEnroe has blasted the rules.

The American took aim at the government for not allowing the 21-time grand slam champ entry into the country amid a relaxing of the rules in August.

“It’s BS,” McEnroe said on Fox Digital.

“I think he should be allowed to play.

“My personal opinion is, I’ve been vaccinated, I’ve had a booster shot. That’s up to the individual.

“He’s won a lot more majors than me because he’s dug his heels in and found that will, that very few people in sport have ever found. That’s part of what made him so great, so he sticks to his guns.”

Novak Djokovic (pictured middle) walking in Dubai airport.
Novak Djokovic (pictured middle) was deported from Australia ahead of the grand slam in 2022. (Photo by STR/AFPTV/AFP via Getty Images)

Martina Navratilova slams Novak Djokovic drama

Navratilova was vocal about Djokovic’s drama in Melbourne earlier this year.

The 18-time grand slam champion said she has always defended Djokovic against public scrutiny for his behaviour on the court as he seeks to become the male with the most grand slams.

But at the time of the uproar in Melbourne, Navritilova offered Djokovic some advice.

“I’m not him. The best thing for Novak to do I think is to say, ‘You know what, there are too many mistakes, this not OK, I would be the only unvaccinated player to play in the Australian Open,'” she added.

“The right thing to do is to just go home. If you pull a hamstring, you don’t make a worldwide uproar about it. It’s just the right thing to do, but I don’t think he will do it because he wants that 21st title.”

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