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Stephens swaps husband for “bestie” Rafael Nadal to learn Spanish

Tennis – Stephens’ husband: “Damn if only you had a husband that was fluent.”

Shortly after tennis star Sloane Stephens asked on Twitter for someone to teach her Spanish and her husband admitted he isn’t fluent in the Latin-originating language, she shared a selfie with Rafael Nadal. “Can someone teach me Spanish? I have a month to learn,” Stephens asked Twitter on 14 August.

Stephens’ husband, soccer player Jozy Altidore, was quick to answer. “Damn if only you had a husband that was fluent,” Altidore responded to the tweet.

Shortly afterwards, with a tweet written in Spanish, Stephens announced that she started using the language-learning platform Duolingo.

“Buenos dias! Hoy empiezo mi primer dia de Duolingo. Deseame suerte (Good morning! Today I start my first day of Duolingo. Wish me luck)”, Stephens said.

On the same day, Stephens tweeted a selfie with Rafael Nadal. “Besties,” Stephens captioned the selfie.

Stephens funny moment with Rafael Nadal

Back in 2018, during a press conference, Sloane Stephens shared a funny story involving Rafael Nadal.

The American player said that she asked him to hit together like Maria Sharapova did in Rome, but Nadal didn’t accept it. “I asked him [Nadal]. Why didn’t you let me hit with you? And [Nadal’s coach] Francis [Roig] said ‘You have to win another tournament to play with him’I was, like, ‘Fine'”

After a reporter pointed out that Stephens was a major champion, Stephens added: “I know but it’s not enough. It’s, like, Rafa. You have to do more. He was kidding, but, still…

I was, like – one day, I’m going to one-up her and hit with Federer, take Federer on grass. I’ve got to one-up her, I’ve got to. I’m going to start asking soon.”

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