Stefanos Tsitsipas makes very honest comment on ATP introducing off-court coaching

Stefanos Tsitsipas reportedly said that ATP’s introduction of off-court coaching hasn’t changed anything for him and added that he is glad that he won’t be getting fines over coaching anymore. Since July, coaches are allowed to give verbal and non-verbal instructions to players from designated seats.

When coaching was prohibited on the ATP Tour, players were often complaining about Tsitsipas getting coached by his father. “It hasn’t changed anything for me. It’s always existed for absolutely all players. They should have allowed it thousands of years ago.

It allows coaches to do their job, they are there for that. No more fines, at least. It was getting difficult,” Tsitsipas told Quentin Moynet of L’Equipe.

Daniil Medvedev wasn’t happy with Tsitsipas at the Australian Open

After losing the second set of his Australian Open semifinal versus Tsitsipas, Medvedev absolutely lost his cool.

Medvedev was irate with the chair umpire as he was mad that Tsitsipas was getting away with “being coached every single point.” After letting the chair umpire hear it, Medvedev went on to win the match in four sets and reach the Australian Open final.

This week, Medvedev was also asked to give his thoughts on the ATP allowing coaching on the Tour. Medvedev said that he has nothing against the new rule but also wondered how it makes a big impact. “I don’t think on-court coaching tomorrow is going to make a huge difference.

But in general, I’m okay with it, like I was never against it. It’s just that the rule is that if I’m on the side, if I understand it right, he shouldn’t do it. Like the opponent’s coach and that’s what they should respect.

And if not, I think it’s fine,” Medvedev said. While Tsitsipas is in favor of the rule, some aren’t really. Nick Kyrgios said the new rules takes away the beauty of the game, while Taylor Fritz labeled it as “dumb.”

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