Serena Williams declared GOAT by Twitter, joins Ronaldo, Brady, Messi exclusive club

As the tennis icon is set to retire this US Open, Twitter acknowledged Serena Williams as the GOAT and launched an exclusive emoji to celebrate and honor her final tournament and greatest-of-all-time level career. Serena, according to Twitter, is now part of an exclusive crew of athletes who have ever been honored with a goat emoji on Twitter.

A few legends in the exclusive crew are Tom Brady, Simone Biles, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Lionel Messi. “As you probably know, @serenawilliams is incredible on Twitter. Here are some insights on the Twitter conversation around her: Serena is heading into retirement with more than 10.7 million Twitter followers.

Even 20+ years into her historic run, fans are as just as tuned in as ever – Serena ranked among the top 20 women athletes with the newest followers last year.
Fans really see her as the #GOAT, as the goat is the most used emoji in global Tweets about her so far in 2022 (used more often than the tennis racket!).
@serenawilliams is the 3rd most mentioned athlete handle in tennis conversation globally so far this year, and 1st most mentioned among women’s tennis players.

Serena Williams launches GOAT merch collection ahead of last US Open

Before being declared the GOAT by Twitter, Serena Williams’ fashion brand, S by Serena, launched a new collection of clothes tagged with the word GOAT (Greatest of All Time) before she will step down from the spotlights of the tennis world at her last ever US Open.

“It’s GOAT season,” the S by Serena team wrote on Instagram. The tagline for the new collection reads as follows: “Rep the GOAT with exclusive merch for the whole family”. According to the fashion brand’s official website, “S by Serena is a modern fashion brand that celebrates the smart, s*xy, sophisticated, strong, and stylish qualities of each person.

On trend (but never trendy – there’s a difference!), approachable, and inclusive, S by Serena empowers you to look and feel your best”.

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