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Rory McIlroy: Who knows where we’re going to see Tiger Woods play

After the accident he had in 2021, Tiger Woods is recovering and hopes to return to the court. It is still unknown when Woods could play again, but fans hope that the recovery will be quick. It is difficult to be optimistic considering that Woods and the doctors cannot estimate when he will return.

Rory McIlroy emphasized that it is hard to predict the date of his return.
“Who knows where we’re going to see Tiger Woods play golf next, right,” McIlroy said, as quoted by “We don’t know what his schedule is going to be.

We don’t know how his body is going to be.” Tiger Woods is the biggest legend of this sport and his moves are what we are missing. McIlroy praised Woods and his playing skills. “But to be able to see him still showcase his skills on primetime TV, without really any wear and tear on his body, I think to be able to see Tiger hit golf shots and still sort of provide people with a glimpse of his genius, I think it is a really good use of his time”.

Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy

Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy have decided to fight LIV Golf together. One of the first steps was the formation of the company TMRW Sports, which will be part of the PGA Tour. McIlroy believes that this will affect the progress of golf.

“For the last few years off the course, I’ve been focused on helping to lead golf into its digital future. Now, by joining forces with Tiger, Mike, and other TMRW Sports partners, we can shape the way that media and technology improve the sports experience,” McIlroy said.

“In a world where technology provides us with so many choices for using our time, we want to make sports more accessible for as many people as possible”.

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