‘Roger Federer will surely play exhibition matches because…’, says top coach

Tennis pauses to say goodbye to Roger Federer, and in l’Équipe Richard Gasquet takes the floor: “Federer is tennis” “There were no longer many doubts. With that knee it was no longer possible to continue.

It is a great blow, it is a legend of the game, it is not easy for anyone, it is a great defeat for tennis. From now on it will be different. Nothing will be the same without Federer.” This is how Richard Gaquet spoke to l’Équipe about the withdrawal of Roger Federer.

The class of 1986, number seven in the world in 2007, played 21 matches with Roger Federer, winning just twice. The first was in the quarterfinals of Monte Carlo in 2005. And six years later, in Rome, in the round of 16. In short, Gasquet can say that he has known all aspects of the Swiss legend: “With his charisma, his technique.

There is only one Roger Federer. It is an emotion that begins in the eyes. There is something unique about him. When you see Federer, you cannot separate yourself from the television. The technique, the elegance, the one-handed backhand, the forehand, the ease in each of his movements.

When you see him, you wonder how he got to that point “A strong declaration of love:” Federer is tennis. Nadal, Djokovic are also extraordinary, but they are not the same. It was great to see this guy play. He took the game to another dimension “As has been said, for Gasquet the comparison is rather a history of defeats:” Mentecarlo in 2005, an incredible match with a crazy match point.”

King Roger made a difficult decision

While Ivan Ljubicic recently acknowledged that Roger Federer’s loss to Novak Djokovic in the 2019 Wimbledon final was very difficult to digest, the Croatian coach this time made some curious revelations in an interview with a Croatian newspaper about of his player’s future retirement.

According to him, the Swiss was not at 100% of his abilities during this edition of the London Grand Slam… “I tried to help him to win another Grand Slam title, and he won three, so I’m happy with that part of my coaching career.

Too bad that due to health problems he has not been able to give his best in recent years. He was also out of form in 2019 at Wimbledon when he missed two match points in the final against Novak. He trained with restraint, between 60 and 70% of his capacity.

His body has come a long way and it’s understandable that he needs a rest. There are no problems between us and there never will be. We were friends and we remain friends. And we will probably continue to collaborate on certain things. He will surely play other exhibition matches because he loves tennis so much that he cannot live without it.”

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