Roger Federer: ‘I’m happy I lived through those emotions’

In the course of a long interview, Roger Federer, who has just said goodbye to tennis at the Laver Cup, spoke about how the SABR was born. Roger recounted: “Why did I invent the SABR? Actually, it had nothing to do with Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

I did it while joking around with Benoit Paire in Cincinnati in 2015, during jet lag training. Severin Luthi wanted me to get out on the pitch more and I started doing it. He had already tried it in Switzerland a while before, but it is with Benoit that he really took shape.

We practiced in a totally relaxed way, laughing and trying the craziest shots we could think of. You arrive around 3 in the afternoon, the game is at night, after sunset we were alone on the court, it was fabulous” The Swiss picked the perfect match for him: “Well, I’d say the 2004 US Open final against Hewitt.

You don’t see a Grand Slam final every day that starts and ends 6-0.” The news of Roger Federer’s retirement has provoked endless reactions in all corners of the world. Although it has not been a blow, few expected that the King would have said enough already in the Laver Cup.

In fact, his presence at the ATP in Basel had been confirmed and it was expected that the last round of the carousel would be in 2023. After undergoing another operation on his right knee last year, the Swiss phenomenon tried hard to get competitive again.

When he tried to push himself harder in practice, he realized that he couldn’t keep up. In addition, he underwent an MRI, the result of which was not satisfactory at all. In the early afternoon of September 15, Master announced his decision through a letter posted on Instagram.

Federer is quite famous for crying on the court

Roger Federer reiterated his promise that he will always stay close to the sport and made a commitment to his fans that he will share more special moments with them in the future.

“For me, it was important to remind the fans that I will not leave the game and I will be there. People will get a chance to see me again. We’ll have moments again, they might be different, but they will be beautiful moments.

It was important to remind myself that and also the fans, who I am so very thankful to,” the 20-time Grand Slam champion expressed. The Swiss great stated that he will never forget his emotional retirement night. “It’s been incredible when I cried on the court and I brought tears to sport and to tennis.

I know it’s happened in the past and I was probably quite famous for it. I’m happy I lived through those emotions and at the same time it made me really appreciate the moment and it will never be forgotten,” Federer said.

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