Rafael Nadal: ‘You need to find flexibility again because…’

Rafael Nadal became the protagonist of a fabulous start to the season.

It is an event that all enthusiasts and professionals cannot wait to observe and attend. The countdown continues for the Laver Cup, a competition to be held in London from 23 to 25 September: the tennis event, which pits the Europe team against the Rest of the world, was able to bring together the Fab 4.

Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and Andy Murray will play together, wear the same blue jersey and try to defend the flag of the team led by Bjorn Borg. Less than a month after the tournament, Rafael Nadal expressed his wonderful thoughts on the return of the Swiss champion: “We are thrilled to see him return to the field.

I hope he is well enough to play. We haven’t seen him in a long time, so I hope he can come back. The most important thing is that he is healthy and happy. If so, that he’s back on the pitch is incredible news. We can only thank Roger for everything he has done.

I’m confident we’ll see some more around here. I can’t wait to compete with him, “he said during the press conference directly from the US Open. Rafa also expressed other important words about Serena Williams’ latest Grand Slam tournament, which will then officially bid farewell to tennis: “Too bad he retires from a sporting point of view.

On the other hand, he deserves all the things he has achieved, because he has worked for a long time with determination, dedication and discipline. I hope he is able to continue this sport somehow, because it would be good for tennis.”

Rafa Nadal on his injury

Rafael Nadal has put concerns about his lingering abdomen injury to bed. “I am practicing. I am doing things the best way that I can. I hope to be ready for the action, no? That’s the only thing that I can say.

I have what I have,” Nadal said. “With the tools that I have today, I hope to be competitive enough to give myself a chance. It’s been tough dealing with tear in abdominal. Is a tough injury because it’s dangerous, it’s risky.

When you have a scar, it’s a place that you put lot of effort when you are serving,” Nadal said. “You need to find flexibility again because when you have a scar there, beginning is not flexible, is very easy to understand.

The risk of breaking when you are doing an important movement back there on a thing that is not flexible like before, the risk is higher. I take it very easy in the Cincinnati, too, in the practices. The match, I try my best without putting all the effort there on the serve. I fight until the end. I had my chances,” Nadal said.

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