Rafael Nadal on Qatar World Cup: “People are free to show their disagreement”

A Guardian investigation later revealed that 6,500 immigrant workers have died in Qatar since it was proclaimed a host country of FIFA World Cup 2022.

Rafael Nadal talekd out about the controversy over violations of human and workers’ rights in Qatar. FIFA decided to award the World Cup to the Arabian peninsula in 2010 despite the continuing controversy raised by the international community regarding this choice.

The 2022 edition is proving to be the most controversial edition of the World Cup due to unclear and sometimes obscure events. In May 2015, the Swiss authorities indicted a large number of FIFA Executive Committee members who participated in the vote that awarded Qatar the 2022 World Cup.

A Guardian investigation later revealed that 6,500 immigrant workers have died in Qatar since it was proclaimed a host country. People involved in the construction of the stadiums and facilities that host fans from all over the world.

Once the world championship started, the international director subsequently chose to censor many of the protests carried out by players and fans in the field of human rights. England and Germany were banned from wearing the rainbow-colored headband for LGBTQ + rights and an Iranian fan was stopped by security for wearing a shirt with the name and surname of Mahsa Amini, a young killed by the police in Theran.

last September 16 for not respecting the law on the obligation to wear the veil.

Qatar 2022 World Cup: Nadal’s point of view

Rafael Nadal expressed his personal point of view on the incidents that took place in Qatar after the exhibition match played in Chile.

The Spanish star explained: “It is clear that we live in a global world, people must have more rights. Sport is a place where there is a great media exposure. In this sense, I understand that everyone must have the freedom to be able to express their feelings, always without harming others.

People have the freedom to express themselves and show their disagreement, which is what is happening. For me it is important that an athlete ends up playing football or tennis and that everything else is just a platform to improve the world.

But when there is a sporting event of this type, sport must be the main theme. The rest are things that the world must improve to move towards a better future.”

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