‘Rafael Nadal has proved he can still play well’, says top coach

After running out of options to reach the semifinals of the Nitto ATP Finals, Rafael Nadal is already thinking about how to recover to face what lies ahead and attack the next season with guarantees after a difficult end to the year.

“Tomorrow my 2023 season begins,” warned Nadal, who will face Casper Ruud next Thursday in the last match of the group stage of the Nitto ATP Finals. “The only thing I can do is keep working to give myself opportunities.

I haven’t forgotten how to play tennis. I need to end the year in a positive way that will help me continue”. In that match against Ruud, the champion of 22 Grand Slam titles will have the opportunity to reverse a losing streak of four straight losses.

“Having lost three games in the last two weeks doesn’t give me peace of mind, but you have to know how to live within the restlessness,” assured the Spaniard. “Those who have succeeded the most in sport is because they have known how to navigate that restlessness.

It is accepted, even if they are disappointing moments. I know of no other way to remedy it than to be in the right attitude and train even harder on the track,” he continued. For this reason, Nadal is clear about how he should deal with the situation, and what awaits him ahead.

“Doubts are good in this world, in every way,” Nadal started. “Things are never clear, in any field. Doubts make you think about things, be awake to improve, and go to work every day with the determination to improve.

And doubts will help me. I have to work every day. Accept that the last few months have been very complicated for me in every way. I have not been able to train or compete continuously”, insisted the Spaniard.

Moya reflects on Rafa Nadal

Rafael Nadal’s coach Carlos Moya believes that despite the injury struggles in recent months, his charge will be ready for the 2023 season.

“He is willing to still keep evolving and being competitive, so as long as that happens and his body holds up well he will be ready,” Moya said. “He will be ready for next year, he is motivated, he has proved he can still play well and be a contender to win big tournaments.

He’s won two Slams, when you win two Slams in a year it’s always a good year, no matter what happens after that. He has been a bit unlucky with injuries, two bad injuries during the year, but he’s a great competitor and fighter, and we don’t give up and we still believe there is a chance to play well here,” he stated.

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