Rafael Nadal: ‘Everyone must have the freedom to…’

Rafael Nadal always amazes with his dedication and his hunger for victories.

Two months have passed since Roger Federer’s last official match on the major circuit. The Swiss champion, conditioned by his continuous knee problems, decided to end his career by playing one last tournament in the company of his two historical rivals Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal.

The Laver Cup turned out to be the perfect setting to close the curtain and say goodbye to all his fans. The Europe Team, for the first time, could not conquer the team event dedicated to Rod Laver, but it offered great emotions on and off the track.

The image of Federer holding hands and in tears with Nadal after the doubles match will remain forever in the history of tennis and sports. The Mallorcan faced and defeated Alejandro Tabilo in an exhibition match in Chile and, at a press conference, spoke again of Federer’s withdrawal.

“Federer’s retirement was not only an emotional moment for me, but for everyone who loves our sport,” Nadal explained. “His retirement from him involves me personally for everything we have shared and lived together for many years.

In addition to having a nice personal relationship with him, Roger is one of the people I admire and respect the most. He is the circle of life. A new generation of great young tennis players has been born, with a present and a great future.

Me and the other experienced players on tour will continue to make things difficult for him. That is the goal I have for next year, trying to continue having options to fight for the tournaments excites me and motivates me a lot”

Nadal on FIFA’s ban on political displays

Rafael Nadal has said there needs to be freedom of expression as long as they ‘do not harm others’ following FIFA’s ban on political displays. “We are in a global world in which people must have more and more rights.

Everyone must have the freedom to express the feelings they have, as long as they do not harm others. Sport is a place to express oneself, because it has a global exposure at the media level, but, beyond all that, for me the important thing is to end up playing football,” he said.

“The decisions that FIFA makes or does not make may seem better or worse to me, but in the end they are rules and attitudes that they want to take at their event . The rest must be free to express themselves and show their disagreement, as is already happening,” he added.

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