Phil Mickelson on Tiger Woods: “He forced me and everybody else ..”

“To be the greatest or to be the best at your sport it has to be all-encompassing”.

One of the most experienced golfers in the world is Phil Mickelson. The experience Mickelson has gained as a mentor has helped a number of young players. It is important to never give up on your dreams, as Phil showed. It was Tiger Woods, one of the legends of this sport, who also helped young golfers.

In an interview, Mickelson described Woods’ importance and how much he influenced the golf scene and other players. “He brought out the best in me because he forced me and everybody else to get better. That type of challenge, that type of drive, he instilled in a lot of us.

I really enjoyed the fact that I had a chance to play against him, and granted, I probably would have won some more tournaments. But, I wouldn’t have pushed myself as hard”. – he said, as quoted by

Tiger Woods’ impact: He brought us from..

Everyone benefited from Tiger Woods’ influence.

He became an international star and his name still appears in headlines. “To be the greatest or to be the best at your sport it has to be all-encompassing. You have to have the physical skill, and the work ethic obviously.

But you also have to have the mental focus- the ability to be calm and the ability to hyper-focus on your task. As well as, the nutritional part-the part that I lacked. Because of Tiger, we, as a tour, have grown exponentially greater than I ever imagined.

He brought us from the back page of USA today to the front page. That was really a big thing for the sport of golf”. Mickelson surprised everyone by going to LIV Golf, but it was his wish. Mickelson accepted the offer from Saudis.

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