Paula Badosa reacts to Halep’s “blocked nose” surgery

WTA world number 4 Paula Badosa thanked Simona Halep for having the courage to share with the world that she had nose surgery. “Such an honest and transparent letter from Simona Halep. Thank you for sharing these thoughts and helping other people through your own experience.

Speedy recovery Simona,” Paula Badosa wrote on Instagram.

Simona Halep announces nose surgery

Simona Halep will be out for a while after undergoing nose surgery. Halep, 30, had been suffering from breathing problems for quite some time before deciding to treat the issue surgically.

Halep will have to avoid physical exercise for at least a few weeks after the procedure. “Hi everyone, as some might already know, I have been struggling for a while with nose problems and it got worse during the summer, especially in Washington.

This problem made it hard to breathe and even worse during the nights as I was going through complete blocked nose. The only way to solve the problem was to undergo a surgery. The doctor Daniel Popescu has performed it and taken this opportunity to also make a plastic surgery intervention.

Thank you! I also want to thank my anesthesiologist Doctor Uleia Alex. Everything went well. I will need a few weeks of rest before I can start again any physical activity. See you soon on the tennis court,” Halep said in a message posted on her Twitter.

Halep explains her current situation

After sharing the news of her nose surgery, Halep used social media to inform her followers and fans about her current state. “Hi everyone, I would like to inform you about my current situation, reflect on what happened this year, and as I always did, share with you my deep feelings.

As you all know already because I’ve talked about it many times, in February, I was very close to stop tennis because I didn’t believe I have enough power to come back to top 10. I was going through many anxious moments and I thought it is time to stop cause it is emotionally unhealthy.

Then I was lucky to discover Patrick’s Academy where I felt so much passion that it gave me back my passion for tennis. Thanks to Patrick, I slowly started to believe that I still can play a good level of tennis. I was totally open to everything he told me to do, the way I should do it, and the amount of work that I should do.

I did everything fully. My goal was very clear: I gave myself one year to get back to top 10”.

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