Paige Spiranac of tennis reveals love for Rafael Nadal: “I used to have a poster”

Tennis – The tennis influencer loved Rafael Nadal since she was little.

Former tennis player turned influencer Rachel Stuhlmann, who aspires to become in tennis sort of what Paige Spiranac is for golf, pointed out her favorite tennis players in a recent interview to Maxim magazine: Rafael Nadal, Andrey Rublev, Reilly Opelka, and Ons Jabeur.

“I’ve loved Rafael Nadal since I was little; growing up I used to have a poster of him on my wall! He’s the prime definition of a sportsman and champion. Andrey Rublev was always one of my favorite interviews.

He’s honest, humble, and such a likable guy! I also love his game style- his forehand is amazing,” said Rachel Stuhlmann for Maxim. “Reilly Opelka is a good friend of mine! I love how he has his own style and hobbies outside of tennis, like art and fashion.

He’s also the sweetest guy! And everybody loves Ons Jabeur—she’s one of the most likable and fun players on tour! I’ve been in many of Ons’ press conferences in the past, but hadn’t met her in person until I was in the player’s lounge at Western & Southern Open a couple of weeks ago and she came up to me and gave me a hug which I thought was so sweet!”

Rachel Stuhlmann to become Paige Spiranac of tennis

Former tennis player turned influencer Rachel Stuhlmann expressed her wish to become the Paige Spiranac of tennis in a NY Post article.

Paige Spiranac is a well-known tennis influencer with over 3.6 million followers just on Instagram, and Stuhlmann wants to copy her success in tennis.

“Paige does her thing with golf and she’s a great person to seek inspiration from, but there’s nothing like it in tennis.

And so I just feel like for me, I would love to keep bringing attention to all the different tournaments I want to travel to. My main goals are to make the game more mainstream and relatable. So whatever aligns with that, I’ve always said yes to opportunity-wise and within the game and just keep creating content around the sport, get people excited about it, show them the different life stories around the game and in a positive way.

That’s what I want to keep doing”. “I really like what she does in golf and so that’s what I’m trying to do in tennis,” Stuhlmann said. “I feel like I’ve been inspired for a while by Paige Spiranac.

She posted a tweet that I could really relate to: “‘I used to be so worried about being taken seriously and pleasing people who didn’t even like me. Everything changed in my career when I started having fun with my content and doing what I wanted.’

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