‘Novak Djokovic’s probably likely to have won at least one of…’, says expert

US Open without Novak Djokovic, it’s official: the Serbian will not be able to land in the United States due to his decision not to get vaccinated against Covid19. In recent days, a series of clues have been given that have led to this final decision: the new guidelines on the same treatment between vaccinated and unvaccinated have not been approved, so it is still necessary to have the complete cycle to be able to enter the states; the Serbian, therefore, no longer appeared in the list of participating players in the tournament.

“Unfortunately, he will not be able to travel to New York this time for the Us Open. Thanks to #Nolefam for the messages of love and support. Good luck to all my teammates! I will keep myself in good shape and with a positive spirit and hope to have the opportunity to compete again.

See you soon tennis world,” the former world number one wrote on social media. The Serb’s announcement was immediately followed by a statement from the organizers. With Novak Djokovic retiring, one lucky loser will take the Slam champion’s place for the men’s draw, which will follow the list in which the Serb is not included.

The organization also had a few words about the absence of the three-time champion of the tournament: “Novak is a champion and it is unfortunate that he cannot participate in the US Open 2022, since he is prevented from entering the country due to the vaccination policy of the federal government for non-US citizens.

We look forward to Novak’s return at the US Open in 2023.”

Nole Djokovic has withdrawn from the US Open

Clay Travis posted a video on Twitter where he lauded Novak Djokovic for “standing on principle” despite the cost to his career.

“Novak Djokovic gave up a chance at two majors he would have been favored to win over his refusal to get the useless covid shot,” Travis said. “He actually gave up something by standing on principle, something you can’t say about any woke athlete over the past decade.

Djokovic would have been the favorite at the Australian Open and he would have been the favorite at the US Open, and at minimum, he’s probably likely to have won at least one of those tournaments. And there would have been a good chance based on the way he’s been playing, that he would win both, which would have made him the greatest tennis player in men’s tennis history, and maybe he could end up with more majors than any man or woman.

it’s not crazy to think that that would end up being the result. Instead, he has stood on principle over the benefit,” Travis said.

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