‘Novak Djokovic’s 35-year-old body is not the average…’, says former ace

Djokovic is one of the greatest tennis players of all time.

Novak Djokovic and Daniil Medvedev battled for almost three hours in the last round match of the ATP Finals in Turin. It was his twelfth victory, and Djokovic secured his eighth after a hard-fought 6-3, 6-7, 7-6 victory after three hours and 11 minutes.

Djokovic has yet to lose a match in Turin this year, but this triumph could cost him dearly. The Serb struggled with his fitness, struggling after nearly all of the extended rallies from the second set and barely finished the match without retiring.

Djokovic will face Taylor Fritz in the semi-final, hoping to recharge his batteries and fight for a spot in the title clash. Novak claimed three straight games from 3-3 in the first set to carve out a 6-3 lead after a huge battle and numerous deuces.

The first eight games of the second set were more dynamic and remained 4-4. Medvedev saved a break point in the ninth game, and Djokovic gave it his all to repel three set points in the next and prolong his chances despite an apparent struggle.

They remained even until 5-5 in the tie break, before Medvedev grabbed the last two points to win the set and force a tie break. As in the second set, the two kept up a good level in the last set to level the score at 4-4. The ninth game was a real roller coaster, with almost ten deuces and endless points.

Daniil got a break and served for the victory in the tenth game against an opponent who barely had any energy left in his legs. Refusing to give up, he broke again at 15th in game 10 to wrap up the score at 5-5 and lengthen the drama.

Novak gathered momentum and won the tie break 7-2 after a forehand winner down the line.

Courier opens up on Djokovic

On the Inside-In podcast, former World No. 1 Jim Courier compared the longevity of Novak Djokovic to NFL legend Tom Brady’s and revealed that Djokovic was not an average 35-year-old.

“So it looks like he has all of his options again and his 35-year-old body is not the average 35-year-old body and I could easily see him playing for Tom Brady like years,” said Courier. “I’m really excited about him and as fans is that he’s started to hit that kick serve again which had disappeared after the elbow surgery.

So that’s another part of his arsenal that he can bring in and get people off the ad court where he’d been largely just hitting more body serve and slice serves to seemingly protect his elbows,” Jim Courier added.

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