Novak Djokovic overthrows a Rafa Nadal record

Novak Djokovic wins the title at the Astana Open by winning in the final against Stefanos Tsitsipas: two sets were enough for him to lift the second consecutive trophy, after the one obtained in Tel Aviv against Marin Cilic.

The season of the Serbian champion, which began with various difficulties, has now reached a certain continuity. After the victory of Wimbledon, the former world number one has decided to play more tournaments in order to get the points necessary to snatch the pass for the Turin ATP Finals: starting from Israel, stop in Kazakhstan and finally return to Paris- Bercy for the defense of the title.

The qualification for the last Masters has arrived officially, but a new record has also arrived for Novak Djokovic: a record that crowns him the best in the history of men’s tennis, at least for now. The winner of twenty-one Grand Slam titles scored a new win rate: 83.29% is the new win-loss ratio achieved.

Thanks to this new number, the overtaking on Rafael Nadal has happened.

Novak Djokovic overthrows a Rafa Nadal record

With the victory in the final in Nur-Sultan, Novak Djokovic reaches 83.293% of victories: 1022 career successes compared to 205 defeats suffered.

These numbers allow the Serbian tennis player to overtake Rafael Nadal in this ranking: an overtaking made on cents. The Spanish champion, in fact, is currently 83.281% of victories. Unlike one of his biggest rivals, his number of successes is higher: 1066 are the successes of the winner of twenty-two career Grand Slam titles.

To weigh, however, in the difference with Djokovic, are the defeats, given that the Spanish tennis player has accumulated 214 in his career, nine more than the Serbian. Both, however, still have time to overtake each other again; both, however, now seem to have broken the greats of the past and the very recent past: in fact, both Bjorn Borg and Roger Federer stopped at 82.

The Swiss, however, still keeps the two apart in terms of number of victories, with 1251 achieved in his career.

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