Novak Djokovic: “It’s not time for retirement, not even for Reafael Nadal”

Novak Djokovic has silenced any rumors about his upcoming farewell to tennis, but he also spoke on behalf of his illustrious colleague and rival Rafael Nadal.

Novak Djokovic has silenced any rumors about his upcoming farewell to tennis, but he also spoke on behalf of his illustrious colleague and rival Rafael Nadal. They who recently witnessed Roger Federer’s retirement in London at the Laver Cup, thus remaining the only members of the Big Three still in business.

If on the one hand, however, there is Nadal who runs into physical problems quite frequently, on the other hand there is Djokovic who suffers practically zero injuries and who, therefore, does not even remotely think about retiring.

Djokovic told: “I live in a very special moment in tennis history, perhaps the greatest, and I feel incredibly honored to be in a position to write the history of our sport. The time hasn’t come yet, neither for Rfaael Nadal nor for me.”

Nole should play at least untill 2024 if all will go in the right way for him.

For Norrie it is unfair to see Djokovic in the Finals

Paris-Bercy and Turin. These are the last two stages of Novak Djokovic’s complicated tennis season.

The former world number one struggled to find tournaments to play due to the decision not to get vaccinated against Covid.19. Despite the few appearances, however, the Serbian has maximized the yield on the field: victory at the Internationals in Rome, conquest of the 21st Grand Slam title at Wimbledon and victory in the Tel Aviv and Astana tournaments.

The latter two, in particular, were included in the programming with the aim of obtaining the necessary points to qualify for the Finals in Turin. In fact, according to ATP regulations, a winner of a Grand Slam title who is outside the top 8 can access the Masters’ tournament, as long as he falls between the ninth and twentieth position of the Race.

A rule that found the conflicting opinion of Cameron Norrie, defeated in the semifinals at Wimbledon by Djokovic: “Djokovic’s qualification for the Finals, the result of his victory at Wimbledon, seemed a bit strange to me. I don’t know if the rule already existed, but it seemed unfair to me.”

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