Novak Djokovic at the Australian Open 2023: “There are some signs”

The Serb talked about his unvaccinated status.

Novak Djokovic has confirmed that he will participate in the last 1000 of the season in Paris Bercy and then in the finals in Turin. The Serbian champion is on the hunt for the last possible titles of the season, aiming to overtake Rafael Nadal in terms of total Atp titles.

However, one of the most talked topics ahead of 2023 is whether the former world ranking number one will be able to participate in the next edition of the Australian Open due to his unvaccinated status. Djokovic in an interview explained: “As for Australia, there are some positive signs, but not official ones.

We are communicating through my lawyers in Australia, in fact, they are communicating with the authorities that are dealing with my case. I hope to have an answer in the coming weeks, whatever it is, but I hope it is positive so that I have enough time to prepare for the next season which I hope will start in Australia.”

The Slam that takes place in Melbourne is one of the favorite tournaments of the 35-year-old from Belgrade, so much so that he has won this major nine times: “I can’t wait to go there, I’ve overcome what happened this year and I just want to play tennis, it’s what I do best.

Australia has always been where I played my best tennis, the results speak for themselves, so I’m always very motivated to go there. This time even more.”

Djokovic talked about his unvaccinated status

Returning to the topic of vaccination, the Serb hopes that things will soon return to the way they were before and that there are no longer the mandatory requirements for the vaccine to compete in tournaments.

“Some of the biggest tournaments in the world take place there. I respect the fact that everyone has a different way of thinking when it comes to my situation and circumstances. After all, I have never offended anyone or tried to be disrespectful in any way.

I have always tried to show that it is important that everyone has the right and the freedom to choose.” Again on the issue of non-vaccination at Covid-19: “Because of the decisions I made, I knew there would be some consequences, like not going to the United States.

For Australia it was a different case, I had the exception, but in the end it didn’t work out. We know what happened, we don’t go back. This time I’m waiting for permission again. It is good that they have now opened their borders to unvaccinated foreigners traveling to Australia.

I have this ban, I hope it will be lifted. Like I said, it’s not up to me, I trust the people of the Australian government to give a positive answer, that’s all.”

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