Nick Kyrgios addresses stunning complain about marijuana smell during US Open match

Nick Kyrgios revealed that he is “heavy asthmatic” after complaining that there was someone smoking weed during his US Open second round match versus Benjamin Bonzi. On Wednesday, Kyrgios made a stunning claim mid-match versus Bonzi.

“You don’t even want to remind anyone not to do it? It was f–—- marijuana. Obviously I’m not going to be complaining about food stuff. Obviously not,” Kyrgios was heard shouting. After Kyrgios’ comments, the chair umpire responded: “Ladies and gentlemen, a reminder that you cannot smoke on court.”

However, Kyrgios was able to put it behind him and beat Bonzi 7-6 (3) 6-4 4-6 6-4. “Yeah, people don’t know. I’m a heavy asthmatic. When I’m running side to side, I’m struggling to breathe, probably not something I want to be breathing in in between points,” Kyrgios said after the match.

Kyrgios on the ‘noisy’ US Open

“US Open, it’s a very different vibe to everywhere else. I feel like Wimbledon was so proper. Australian Open, you kind of expect it there, being an Aussie. But here, it’s just like noisy.

Point in, point out, I can’t barely hear. Half the time I can’t even hear my team because it’s so noisy all the time,” he said. This season, Kyrgios has been playing the tennis of his life. But staying focused is a real challenge at the US Open.

“Ashe was unbelievably noisy. I couldn’t hear anything. Constant jitter. Things going off, sirens. In Armstrong today, hearing trains and people. For someone that’s struggled to focus in my career, I’m really trying hard to put my head down and play point by point, try to dig myself out of some certain situations,” Kyrgios explained.

“It’s hard because there’s a lot of distractions. Obviously a lot of heckling going on as well. People are saying things. I got to be very careful with what I say these days.” Kyrgios plays J.J. Wolf in the US Open third round.

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