Maria Sharapova’s fans angry for the support received by Simona Halep

Fans of Maria Sharapova against Simona Halep. The Romanian tennis player, who recently received a doping ban, is receiving a lot of support, but only 6 years ago Halep opposed Maria Sharapova when she hit a wild card after her doping ban.

Now this fact sent on a rampage the fans of the beautiful former Siberian tennis player. After Sharapova, Halep is the second player known to be suspended for the use of doping substances, but in 2016, Sharapova did not get the support of many tennis players, as today is happening to the contrary Simona Halep’s doping ban.

After serving his ban, the Russian tennis star participated in the Porsche Grand Prix the following year as a wild card. At the time, many tennis players, including Simona Halep herself, but also Alize Cornet and many others, issued very harsh words against Sharapova’s come back after the doping ban, with the Russian tennis player practically isolated from her colleagues.

On social media, such as Twitter, Reddit, many fans of Aria Sharapova have withdrawn the words that Halep spent in 2017, commenting with poison words what happened to Simona now.

What happend

Simona Halep revealed that she was stopped by the International Tennis Integrity Agency following the positivity to Roxadustat, a substance prohibited by the regulation.

The test was carried out at the US Open. Simona opened what she called a battle for truth, writing on Twitter: “Today begins the hardest game of my life: the battle for truth. I have been informed that I have tested positive for taking a substance called Roxadustat in an extremely low amount.

It’s the biggest shock of my life. Throughout my career, the idea of ​​cheating has never crossed my mind even once, because it totally goes against all the values ​​I was brought up through. Faced with such an unfair situation, I feel completely confused and betrayed.

I will fight to the end to prove that I have never knowingly taken any prohibited substance and I have the hope that sooner or later the truth will come out. It’s not about stocks or money. It’s about the honor and love story I’ve built with the game of tennis over the past 25 years.”

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