LIV Golfer drops out of LIV Golfers’ lawsuit: Reason for decision explained

Pat Perez was one of 11 LIV Golf participants who filed a lawsuit against the PGA Tour. All this caused a large number of reactions and many hateful comments directed toward them. However, Pat Perez has dropped out of the antitrust lawsuit.

He explained his decision and emphasized that he is 100% committed to LIV Golf. What he considers important is that he has no negative feelings towards the PGA Tour and that he appreciates the PGA Tour. “I have no ill feelings toward the PGA Tour or any of the players,’’ Perez said in a phone interview, as quoted by fresnobee.

“I’m a LIV guy 100 percent. I’m going to play for them. But I don’t feel any need to go after the PGA Tour. They gave me a wonderful opportunity for 21 years. I’ve got nothing against them, no hard feelings toward anybody.

I earned everything I got out there, don’t get me wrong.”

Pat Perez and his return

Perez has no intention of returning to the PGA Tour. He is now 100% dedicated to LIV Golf “I chose to leave and I’m not looking to come back.

I’d like to maybe play the Champions Tour one day if that can work out and that’s why I have not given up my membership. But there is no benefit to doing this. I have an unbelievable deal with LIV and I’m behind them 100 percent.’’ Although many emphasized that the PGA Tour and LIV Golf should find a common language, Perez believes that there is no longer a chance for that.

“The whole thing is unfortunate,’’ Perez said. “I think it’s bad for the game.’’ “It’s too deep; it’s too ugly now,’– he continued. “I don’t see it happening anymore.

There’s just too much on both sides and it’s gotten ugly. I just don’t see a resolution, unfortunately. There was a time I did.’’

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