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Lee Westwood laughed at Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy: They copied LIV Golf

Jay Monahan, PGA Tour commissioner revealed that the PGA Tour will have a new tournament. It will be called TGL, and what is impressive is that it will be a ‘high-tech golf league’ The start of the competition is expected from January 2024.

Lee Westwood believes that the PGA Tour is copying LIV Golf. “I laugh at what the PGA Tour players have come up with,” he said, as quoted by Eurosport. “It’s just a copy of what LIV is doing. There are a lot of hypocrites out there.

They all say LIV is ‘not competitive.’ They all point at the no-cut aspect of LIV and the ‘short fields.’ Now, funnily enough, they are proposing 20 events that look a lot like LIV Hopefully, at some point they will all choke on their words.

And hopefully, they will be held to account as we were in the early days.”

Lee Westwood on his reasons

Lee Westwood is one of the players who left the PGA Tour to play LIV Golf. He explained the reason for his decision.

Westwood’s age was also a factor. “My age was obviously part of my decision-making process,” Westwood said, as quoted by Golf Digest. “Then there is the fact that the LIV tournaments are 54 holes, not 72.

I saw that as a benefit. I also had a look at the senior tour schedule. Even there they are encouraging guys to play as many as 25 events.” Westwood admitted that the reason for his decision was also money. LIV Golf offered much more money to its players, so it is not surprising where the interest of golfers in the competition supported by Saudi Arabia comes from.

“And there are two pro-ams every week, unless you are in a certain category. That’s a lot for a senior. And, of course, the LIV events are offering 10 times the prize money”.

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