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John McEnroe weighs in on how Venus Williams handled Serena Williams’ success

John McEnroe has praised Venus Williams for the way she has dealt with Serena Williams’ success. Venus is a 16-time Grand Slam finalist but she has only 7 Grand Slam titles. One of the big reasons why Venus has won just 7 of her 16 Grand Slams is none other than her sister Serena.

Venus and Serena clashed in nine Grand Slam finals, with Serena ending on the winning side 7 times. McEnroe admitted that he probably would not have handled it that well if he was in Venus’ position. Venus has accomplished a lot but it is not a secret that it is Serena who has won more and the one who has been receiving more attention throughout their careers.

The tennis rivalry between Venus and Serena never affected their personal relationship as their relationship has always been rock solid.

McEnroe: I don’t think I would have handled it as well as Venus Williams

“I’m sure Venus is thinking about the same thing that Serena is, and she’s done a lot for Serena, in my book, supporting her and being with her because she was the one that was at the top and then the dad was saying, which you can’t forget, ‘I’ve got the younger sister’s gonna be even better’

If my younger brother blew by me, was better than me I don’t think I would have handled it as well as Venus has,” McEnroe told ESPN. Serena is a 23-time Grand Slam champion and is considered a level above Venus.

During discussion with McEnroe, Chris Evert noted that Venus has also had a very impressive career. The problem is that Venus is often compared to Serena and that’s why her success might some as little to some. “If you just set her apart from Serena and you look at her record and you look at how many Wimbledons she’s won and you look at grand slams and doubles and you look at the influence she’s had,” Evert said.

“She’s been such a different personality than Serena. And she’s not getting a lot of attention. And, I don’t know, I think it’s just interesting to me.”

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