‘I would be very surprised if Rafael Nadal…’, says ATP legend

In the last few hours, Rafael Nadal has achieved the official status he so desired. In fact, Rafa is the first player to qualify for the next Nitto ATP Finals, reserved for the top eight players of each year (through the Career ranking that counts all the points obtained during the same season).

The announcement was in the air, given the results already in the bag for Nadal, but it is no small thing that it came before the US Open. The limit of points to reach has now been reduced to 5,425: the Spaniard is assured of his participation in the Turin test thanks to the superior loot already achieved (5,630).

The next objectives of the manacorí? No doubt to dream big at Flushing Meadows and then to think about the Finals, an event he has yet to win in his career.

John McEnroe opens up on Rafa

Interviewed by the Spanish daily Marca a few days before the start of the US Open, John McEnroe was inevitably asked about Rafael Nadal, who has the opportunity to strike a blow in the absence of Novak Djokovic in New York.

“I think he will finish number one, I would be very surprised if that didn’t happen. It’s unbelievable that he can do this, considering the long period of inactivity he has had in 2021 due to his foot injury. Rafa always does things you don’t believe in and that’s why he is considered the best or one of the best in history.

He didn’t play the Wimbledon semifinal because of his abdominal tear, but I didn’t see him that bad in the match against Coric in Cincinnati. With all due respect to this tournament, what worries Nadal is the US Open.”

The 22-time Grand Slam champion has described Federer as a more talented player than him in his autobiography, ‘Rafa: My Story’. Talking about this, he said, “Whether he’s made me a better player, or I him, it’s hard for me to say.

Toni has never ceased to remind me-and I know he is right-that Federer is more technically gifted than I am, but he does so not to cause me despondency, but because he knows saying so will motivate me to sharpen my game”.

Further, he went on to add, “I watch Federer playing on video sometimes, and I’ll be amazed at how good he is; surprised that I have been able to beat him”.

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