‘I thought Roger Federer would play the Laver Cup and…’, says legend

Federer deserves credit for dominating across multiple generations.

Roger Federer sent his fans into a panic with his latest social media post, which at first glance seemed like a retirement announcement. However, the video was not a recall announcement, but rather a promotional video for his new line of On Running lifestyle shoes.

“When I started as a ball boy, I learned that genius is not replicable. However, inspiration is contagious. Tennis is a game of centimeters, but it took me miles away. It is a way of being on and off the pitch. I learned that you can never be bigger than the game.

But you can always make the game as big as your dreams,” says Roger Federer in the video. However, the video has provoked extraordinary reactions among the followers of the Swiss maestro. “I almost had a heart attack.

I thought it was a retirement post,” one fan commented on Federer’s Instagram. “We better buy them to keep him from retiring! I almost had a heart attack,” said another fan. Federer has spoken multiple times in the past about the timing of his retirement.

“For me, the perfect retirement does not exist! Of course, I want to choose the moment of my retirement, and I am convinced that I will know when the time is right. Life after tennis does not scare me; it will be a transition towards a life more relaxed.

Mirka and I have always found a perfect balance between tennis, family and friends. That’s what I’m most proud of in my whole career, because those are the most important things in life,” Roger Federer said in 2021.

McEnroe on Roger Federer

John McEnroe gave a long interview, in which he varied on different topics concerning the racket. The former world number 1 also spoke about Roger Federer. “This is a huge question, but I am unable to give you an absolute answer.

As far as I’m concerned, I didn’t want the farewell tour, but he’s obviously in a very different position than I was in. It depends on the person, some people like it, they are showered with gifts and love – who wouldn’t? But at the same time, I don’t think Roger wants to go out and lose in the first or second round and he’s 41.

I thought he would play the Laver Cup and then go to Basel and retire. It seemed to make sense, because the physicist was unable to reach the level he needed. But he said he wants to play next year and who am I to say he shouldn’t? He should definitely do what he wants.

So, I don’t know, but if he wants to play next year and is thinking about playing the Australia Open, or playing these events, he knows what it takes to do that – and he’s not going there to lose in the first round.It will be an interesting decision that he will make, I don’t know what will happen. He is the most handsome player he has ever seen and is the embodiment of class.”

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