‘I think it’s going to be harder for Rafael Nadal to…’, says expert

Rafael Nadal became the protagonist of a fabulous start to the season.

Marin Cilic, who sentenced Croatia’s victory over Spain in the Davis Cup with his three-set victory over Pablo Carreño, was convinced that with the participation of Rafael Nadal and Carlos Alcaraz the result “would have been very different”

“Rafa has been a team leader throughout his career and has always enjoyed this atmosphere. And playing singles and doubles he is one of the best, if not the best, Davis Cup players of all time,” assured the Croatian.

“And Carlos has had a fantastic season and it’s a shame that he was injured in Paris-Bercy, that he couldn’t play the Turin Masters and now at home. It will be very difficult for both of them,” he said. “But Spain can look forward with optimism in the coming years, for sure,” he opined.

Regarding his victory against Carreño, he commented that the key was in “the constant pressure” that he put on the Spaniard: “I broke, he broke, and I achieved another one,” he summed up. Borna Coric, who beat Roberto Bautista, assured that he had played “in a very intelligent way” “When I needed to attack, I did it.

When I needed to defend, I was defensive. I also mixed up the pace, which is very important against him. I am very satisfied with my game, to be honest, “he said. Adrenaline through the roof in Croatia. Disappointment in Spain.

A day of rest and preparation for the next duel, on Friday, November 25, against Australia. The semifinal promises strong emotions.

Oddo talks about Nadal

Speaking on the Tennis Channel Inside-In podcast recently, sportswriter Chris Oddo reflected on Rafael Nadal’s season, saying that if he can find his top fitness level in 2023, he will be the player to beat.

“We forget Rafa because not much has happened for him off-late, the injuries kind of caught up with him, he became a father, and a lot of things happened. But two Slams at the beginning of the year and I think what he proved to me and what I think is still going to be true going forward is that if Rafa can find a way to get that diesel engine going and get to peak fitness where he’s comfortable with the surface, where he’s going to be playing, he gets a little bit of a lead-up, his body’s not giving him issues, if he peaks, he can beat anybody and do the damage.

He can do that again next year. I think it’s going to be harder for him to sign that peak fitness but if he’s got it and he’s thriving in his body, he can be the best,”Oddo said.

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