Hugh Jackman inspired by Federer days before Wolverine comeback announcement

Five days after Hugh Jackman got impressed by Roger Federer’s tearful farewell speech held at Laver Cup 2022, Hugh Jackman announced, together with his co-star Ryan Reynolds, that he will play Wolverine once again in the next Deadpool movie.

Ryan Reynolds was the first to break the news on YouTube as he seemingly randomly asked Jackman whether he wants to play Wolverine again.

Then, Hugh confirmed the news in a new video.

maybe Federer’s retirement was just a coincidence, or maybe Jackman was actually inspired by Federer to make this step and bring joy to all his fans that were really sad seeing Wolverine die in the movie Logan.

Famous actor Hugh Jackman reacted to Roger Federer’s emotional speech that happened at the end of his Laver Cup retirement match. “My friend. Congratulations! I saw your speech last night. You are one of a kind. An extraordinary man – who has gracefully shown humility to all around you.

I hope you can take in the gratitude that millions and millions, including me, have for you. HJ” Hugh Jackman replied to one of Federer’s posts on Instagram.

Hugh Jackman had another reaction as soon as Federer announced his retirement

Hugh Jackman sent Roger Federer a message to honor his illustrious tennis career.

“You have left your indelible, unmatched stamp on the sport of tennis. Thank you! Love HJ” Hugh Jackman replied to Federer’s goodbye video. In 2020, when Roger Federer asked professional tennis players and celebrities around the world, including Hugh Jackman, to broadcast their own home training routines, the actor best known for his iconic portrayal of Wolverine filmed himself beginning to climb 15 levels of stairs.

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