Facundo Bagnis praises Novak Djokovic and attacks ATP CEO!

Facundo Bagnis talked about the problem of the economic situation in the ATP Tour, while praising Novak Djokovic. At the same time, he released harsh words to the ATP CEO Andrea Gaudenzi. Bagnis points out that only a few tennis players make a living on the money they earn in tennis.

Here are some of his statements: “With time each of us enjoys the things that happen. With desire and passion you can continue to achieve the goals you set for yourself. When you become more experienced, winning or losing does not change much but when a series arrives.

of defeats hurts more.” Thanks to his victory in the Challenger of Ambato in Ecuador Facundo returned to the Top 100 and became the third Argentine in history with more titles in the Challenger category. Bagnis does not give up however and continues: “Tennis has taught me that you can never pull the oars in a boat, this sport always invites you to improve, both physically and mentally.”

Facundo Bagnis praises Novak Djokovic and attacks ATP CEO!

The South American tennis player recounted some of these problems in sport: “If you listen to me, an amateur will always tell me what you complain about, you have to be grateful to be able to live in this sport.

But the players who play Futures are now in worse shape than us. that we play Challenger or ATP tournaments. In the future I would like to lend a hand and help solve this problem. Betting? I guess there is this scourge in tennis, especially in smaller tournaments, but I am not informed about it.”

Then Bagnis attacked hard the CEO of the ATP Andrea Gaudenzi and after he praised Novak Djokovic instead: “I experienced firsthand the moment in which Nole created the PTPA and the ATP was very aggressive to ensure that the tennis players did not adhere.

Gaudenzi has no relationship with tennis players, he has no relationship with tennis players outside the Top 20. I don’t ask for much but a greeting would be appreciated. The ATP employees always greet you and thank you, I am grateful to Novak Djokovic.

His federation works hard but scares the ATP. I talked to Nole in Rome and I saw him very involved, he talked to the tennis players for over two hours and nobody forced him, I take off my hat in front of what he is doing. I understand that he is not the favorite of the fans, but I am not a fan and I just have to thank him.”

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