Ex-Serbian parliament member on Novak Djokovic’s vaccine stance: He is uneducated

Ex-Serbian parliament member Vesna Pesic does not agree that Novak Djokovic is “dumb” but does think that the 21-time Grand Slam champion is “uneducated.” Djokovic, 35, hasn’t been vaccinated against COVID-19 and his vaccine stance has drawn lots of negative attention over the last two years.

One person tweeted at Pesic that Djokovic is “dumb” and “uneducated.” “He’s not dumb, but uneducated he is, because he’s only been hitting the ball since he was 6 years old. It’s not a sin, he’s achieved success.

Antivaxxers are going after me in my mentions, I have to log off from the internet. To argue with them, no way,” Pesic tweeted.

Pesic: Doesn’t seem that Bosnian pyramids helped Djokovic

Since the start of the pandemic, Djokovic has been a frequent guest at the Archeological Park in Bosnia.

It’s a place where Djokovic finds his peace and recharges his batteries. Djokovic went to the Archeological Park shortly after the Australia visa debacle. “As a well-known Djokovic fan, I wonder for when he is protecting his body from the vaccine at the age of 35? Millions of people have taken the vaccine and their bodies doing as usual, he doesn’t seem to have a care.

It’s not good when you infect your brain. It seems that those pyramids in Bosnia did not help him,” Pesic wrote in another tweet.

Djokovic has received lots of criticism for his vaccine stance as some are accusing him of helping the anti-vax propaganda.

But Djokovic insists he is not against vaccine, but just doesn’t want to take something without knowing the effects it could have on his body. “As an elite athlete, I want to triple-check everything that enters my body.

If something changes for 0.5% in my body, I feel it. I am just cautious before making any decisions, I am taking my time and keeping my mind open. I will live with the consequences,” Djokovic said earlier this year. Because of his vaccine stance, Djokovic likely won’t be allowed to enter the United States for the US Open.

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