Emma Raducanu, the light cannot be seen from the bottom of the well

Emma Raducanu sat on the women’s throne of the US Open a year ago. A year later, things changed completely. In her life out the court, the young British player got contracts, sponsors, and all the media attention, especially from the UK media.

The same UK media have unloaded an inimaginal pressure on the young tennis player. Translated: expectations and pressures led Emma to have a horrible year, professionally speaking. That last season’s victory may have been the result of chance is a thought that many, including insiders and the media, are having.

If last year she sat on the throne, now she is at the bottom of the well, where the light is not seen. Sooner or later, the professional happy ending may come back. Maybe.

A difficult end

At the end of the match, the British tennis player talked about her difficulties and also revealed her bitterness at the press conference: “The match was quite windy, the wind was blowing back and forth and it was quite difficult for me, I struggled to find mine.

strokes and rhythm to the match. I struggled to adapt to that reality, although I want to reiterate that we both had this problem, she simply was better at adapting.” Emma also tried to explain what her future moves are and where maybe she can improve: “Maybe in the future, I will work to improve my game at the net and I will be able to face more opponents in a specific way.

It’s something I haven’t focused enough on so far, when I tried it my opponent read right away and overtook me pretty well. Otherwise, if I have to make this vintage, I got the Top 100 and certainly, a year ago I would have gladly accepted a year like this.

At this point, however, now I think I want to start over, a new awakening. For me the most important thing now is consistency, playing continuously in these weeks and in training, in the end you lose a match and return to the field shortly after. I don’t have to have big losses from a defeat but I just have to stay focused on playing.”

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