Emma Raducanu explains why having someone like Andy Murray is very helpful

Emma Raducanu admits she has “always looked up to” Andy Murray and added the three-time Grand Slam champion is great when she needs advice. Raducanu, 20, has been in the headlines of British tabloids and newspapers ever since she stunningly won the 2021 US Open as a qualifier.

This year, Raducanu faced lots of scrutiny from British media due to her results and constant injuries. Murray, who is now 35 and past his prime, was once in Raducanu’s current position. “Andy Murray is so good to talk to because he’s been through pretty much what I’ve been going through.

I have always looked up to him and watched him winning his first Wimbledon and the Olympics,” Raducanu told Grazia Magazine.

Murray’s advice for Raducanu

This offseason, Raducanu worked with Andy Murray’s former strength and conditioning coach Jez Green.

But since Green has a full-time job with Dominic Thiem, their partnership was probably on a part-time basis. When asked what would be his advice to Raducanu, Murray said finding a good coach and then giving the partnership time to succeed.

Also, Murray noted that it is very important for Raducanu to improve her fitness so she avoids constant injuries in the future. “Giving time to any partnership is the key. I think with any relationship, whether it’s strength and conditioning or tennis, it’s making sure you’re spending enough time with that person to really make a difference.Unless you really dedicate the time, it’s difficult to make a difference.

So if they (Emma Raducanu and Jez Green) get to spend enough time together, I’m sure that would be helpful. If it’s not Jez, then a strength and conditioning coach full-time would be helpful for her. Try to improve the physical side and avoid the niggles and injuries, and the best way to do that is to get stronger and have someone around you more consistently,” Murray said.

Meanwhile, Raducanu split with coach Dmitry Tursunov in October and she has yet to announce her coach for the 2023 season.

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