Dmitry Tursunov likes tweets suggesting he ‘had to run away’ from Emma Raducanu

Coach Dmitry Tursunov liked tweets which were suggesting that he “ran away” from Emma Raducanu and that she’s being “mismanaged” by her parents.

This week, British media reported that Raducanu and Tursunov put an end to their partnership.

Apparently, it was Tursunov that decided to end the partnership and accept a coaching opportunity elsewhere. On Twitter, fans noticed Tursunov liking tweets about Raducanu and her habit of constantly changing coaches. “Raducanu out!

Time to get back with the old coach,” a fan tweeted in late June after Raducanu’s Wimbledon exit. Responding to that tweet, Brad Gilbert said: “Should have never parted ways after the US Open.” Another fan responded to Gilbert’s tweet: “Appears the parents are mismanaging.

It’s like an owner of major league sports team telling the GM to change coaches annually or what players to draft.” Three months later, Tursunov liked the tweet which was suggesting that Raducanu was being mismanaged by her parents.

Tursunov liked the tweet suggesting he ‘ran away’ from Raducanu

Before adding Tursunov to her coaching staff, Raducanu fired three coaches in a span of 12 months. A fan suggested that Tursunov “ran away” from Raducanu after seeing the situation around her.

“I see, thanks. Also, Tursunov practically running away, isn’t a bad sign for you? Like something is going on inside there,” the tweet that Tursunov liked read. Tursunov later unliked this tweet. There was another tweet that Tursunov liked and then unliked.

“Apparently it was Tursunov’s decision. His new player suits his California residency much better and he was having visa issues anyway. Not sure if he’s being entirely truthful or trying to save face for Raducanu though,” another tweet that was later unliked by Tursunov read.

Raducanu appeared to be happy with Tursunov and her coach as just recently she indicated that the Russian coach was her new full-time coach. Following Tursunov’s departure, Raducanu is again searching for a coach.

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