Cori Gauff offers honest assessment of rough, disappointing WTA Finals debut

Gauff went 0-6 in her WTA Finals debut.

Cori Gauff admitted that losing every match at the WTA Finals was a hard pill to swallow as she is looking forward to representing the United States at the Billie Jean King Cup Finals and being around fellow American players.

Gauff, 18, made her WTA Finals debut in Fort Worth, Texas. In her first WTA Finals appearance, Gauff went 0-6. Gauff lost each of her three singles matches, while she and Pegula also went 0-3 in the doubles event. Gauff, who made her first Grand Slam final at this year’s French Open, lost six matches in around five days.

That was something that Gauff never experienced before. “It’s probably the worst week of the year for me. I never lost so much so fast. It’s an adjustment I guess. Going to BJK Cup I think will be better, I have a team and team-mates who are ready to play.

So I think right now my mindset is just on that and try not to dwell too much on this because I still have a team I need to be there for. So I’m kind of grateful I have that tournament because it would be an awful way to end the year on this”.

Gauff: It was a rough week

In the WTA Finals singles event, Gauff went 0-3. To make it all worse, Gauff didn’t even win a single set in those three defeats. “It’s not even about the losses, it’s just some of the ways that I lost.

I feel like I didn’t improve this week, I stayed stagnant. It’s been a rough week,” Gauff added. Now, Gauff is set to join American Billie Jean King Cup team. After losing six matches in a span of a couple of days, Gauff is hoping to be benefit from being around good friends and fellow American players.

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