Carlos Alcaraz shared a touching greeting for Roger Federer

Here is a roundup of tweets from the young Spanish tennis player.

In the last few hours, a very important event for the history of tennis took place. During the fifth edition of the Laver Cup, that of 2022, during the usual exhibition featuring the best athletes in the world, the Swiss champion Roger Federer said goodbye to the world of tennis.

The Swiss Maestro ended his amazing career with 20 Slams title, of which 8 Wimbledon titles. Frantic hours, in some ways dramatic, with everyone who wanted to greet their favorite in their own way. Federer retired at 41 and made the history of the sport for the past twenty years and more, making millions of fans dream all over the world.

The tennis player closed with a doubles match, paired with his friend and long-time rival Rafael Nadal. In London there is almost all the best of international tennis, the best of European and international tennis. The real big absentee of this competition is the Spanish tennis player Carlos Alcaraz, the current number one in the world.

Alcaraz is currently resting after winning the US Open, but he wanted to make his closeness felt through social media. During the doubles match involving Roger, Alcaraz made several tweets to greet the Swiss phenomenon. A difficult evening even for the very young talent of world tennis, far away but close to the best athletes in the world.

Alcaraz’s words for Federer

In recent days Alcaraz has released interesting words to greet the Swiss champion. Here is a social message from him: “Roger Federer is one of my idols and a source of inspiration! Thanks for whatever you have done in our sport!

I still want to play with you. I wish you the best for what will happen in the future.” Now Federer has greeted the world of tennis, which goes on and on thanks to Carlos Alcaraz, one of the most interesting tennis players in the world and the one who, among the many in circulation, seems ready to take the difficult legacy of the Big Three.Here is a roundup of tweets from the young Spanish tennis player:

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