Bouchard listens to same song before every match, just as Swiatek

Tennis – Swiatek also revealed that she is scared to change her pre-match playlist.

Listening to the same songs before matches seems to be a trend among WTA players since Genie Bouchard recently confirmed during a Golf Mostly podcast that her weirdest tennis superstition is the fact she listens to the same song before her matches.

“I listen to the same song right before walking on the court: Danza Kuduro,” said Bouchard.

Swiatek is scared to change pre-match playlist that got her to no.1

Iga Swiatek revealed during an on-court interview following her three-set triumph over Jule Niemeier in the US Open quarterfinals that she is afraid of changing her pre-match music because she has been listening to it for over a year.

Since Swiatek’s top position in 2021 was 4th, her current playlist helped her capture the WTA world number one position. “Basically, it’s Thunderstruck, then Even Flow (by Pearl Jam), then GorillaZ, then Porch (by Pearl Jam), then Rock and Roll (Led Zeppelin), and I’m pretty scared to change it.

I’m listening to that since a year ago and I’m pretty bored but it’s working so I’ve got to stick to that,” said Swiatek.

Bouchard used to like Justin Bieber

Back in 2013, in an interview with CNNSI, the 19-year-old Bouchard, who was through to the quarter-finals of the WTA Premier event in Tokyo, said she would like to meet pop star Justin Bieber.

“I’m going to go with Justin Bieber. He gets so much hate, but I like some of his songs. And I respect him because he came from nothing and he became this mega-superstar and he does have talent. I don’t know if you’ve seen his movie … Honestly, people who didn’t really like him actually were amazed at the movie.

You see videos of him playing drums when he was 2 years old, and how he really became what he is. He played guitar outside of Starbucks, just trying to play and make money, and he put videos on YouTube and then finally became something.

And he’s Canadian, so I support him. Well, I hear about it in the news. I don’t have to go looking for it. Everyone kind of knows. I can just imagine how tough it is for him to keep his feet on the ground. But, yeah, obviously he’s being a little teenager gone wild,” said Bouchard.

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