Billie Jean King weighs in on Iga Swiatek skipping BJK Cup Finals

WTA founder Billie Jean King says she understands why Iga Swiatek is skipping the Billie Jean King Cup but suggested she would have made a different choice if she was the Pole. Swiatek, ranked at No 1 in the world, is competing at this week’s WTA Finals even in Fort Worth, Texas.

But next week, Swiatek won’t be representing Poland at the Billie Jean King Cup Finals in Glasgow. A month ago, Swiatek pulled out of the Billie Jean King Cup Finals as she called out the WTA and ITF over “an unhealthy schedule.”

“I can totally understand her reasoning. I personally wouldn’t agree with it. But you know what? It’s about her. She’s the one that’s having to deal with reality now; I don’t. We’ll miss her,” King said, per ESPN.

King wishes Swiatek gave herself more time

In early October, Swiatek released a lengthy statement, in which she said that she was disappointed over missing the Billie Jean King Cup but also added that she felt it was the right thing to do considering the circumstances.

“I would have liked her to wait a little longer [to decide about the BJK Cup Finals], because you never know how you’re going to do. I mean, you just don’t know. And this is where you have to figure out for yourself what’s important to you.

For me, this would be a no-brainer,” King added. Swiatek, who helped Poland qualify for the Billie Jean King Cup Finals, wanted to represent Poland at the BJK Cup Finals as well. “I’m disappointed that tennis governing bodies did not come to an agreement on something as basic as the calendar of tournaments, giving us only one day to travel through the globe and changing the time zone.

This situation is not safe for our health and could cause injury. I’m going to talk to the WTA and ITF in order to change something. This situation is difficult not only for the players like me but mainly for the tennis fans that support our sport,” Swiatek said last month.

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