Beautiful Maria Sharapova shared photos from her vacation in Greece

Maria Sharapova is spending time in Greece, as she revealed in an Instagram post, after the days spent in Italy, with her friend Anna Hathaway, for Fashion Week in Milan. With a series of photos and videos, Maria shared Greek landscape and the last moments of her vacation.

Sharapova said she will spend the last days of her summer in Greece, along with her baby of a few months: “Catching the last summer rays in GR. The last image…always on duty, even inside the caves and a low battery,” she wrote on Instagram.

Over the years Sharapova has been one of the most influential tennis players in this tennis era, and beyond.

In addition to being a famous athlete, a woman who has won Grand Slam tournaments and who has achieved great results, Maria is recognized as one of the most beautiful tennis players and sportsmen in general in recent years.

A few weeks ago Maria gave birth to Theodore, her first child born on July 1st. The former tennis player also returned to training and left the following message on social media: “Today, four weeks have passed since giving birth and two since training resumed.”

Rivals since Maria Sharapova entered the professional Tour, the former Russian tennis player talked about Serena Williams and her retirement at Flushing Meadows: “It was amazing to see Serena’s path and the glory and graceful tenacity with which she carried on his career,” said the former world number one said about the rival.

The interview was released on the occasion of the two women’s semifinals of the US Open, where Maria Sharapova was present in the stands. The winner of five Grand Slam titles made a comparison between Serena Williams and the current generation, telling an anecdote dating back to last year’s Met Gala, where they were both present: “We talked about it last year in this period of year and I told her, with no disrespect to this generation, that she was much better and that she had to go out there, so I’m glad she got the chance to do it here in New York.”

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