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Barbara Schett explains why Novak Djokovic has edge over Rafael Nadal in GOAT race

Schett thinks Djokovic has a better chance of finishing with the most Grand Slams.

Eurosport tennis expert Barbara Schett feels Novak Djokovic has a few more good years left in him and that’s why she thinks the Serb has the edge over Rafael Nadal in the GOAT race. Djokovic, 35, is the second on the all time Grand Slam record list with 21 Majors.

Rafael Nadal, 36, owns a record 22 Grand Slams. But Djokovic is physically doing better than Nadal, who is often plagued by injuries. If nothing changes in the next couple of days, Djokovic won’t be allowed to compete at the US Open – leaving Nadal with a chance to win a record 23rd Grand Slam at Flushing Meadows.

“I think now he practices just like if he was going to the US Open. If there’s a last-minute change, he’s going to be there, and if not, his life will continue,” Schett told Eurosport.

Schett gives Djokovic the edge over Nadal in the GOAT race

“I think Novak will still play for many more years; it looks like that. His body is fine, he doesn’t suffer too many injuries, and I think he will give absolutely everything to go down in the history books by winning the most Grand Slam titles.

Clearly he’s not far away. He’s only got one more to go, and then he equals Rafa Nadal. If you look at Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic now, I would say Novak can still play for another two, three years, or maybe even longer.

And Rafa Nadal, I think the clock is definitely ticking there”. Djokovic hasn’t been vaccinated against COVID-19 and that’s why he can’t enter the United States. Djokovic has already missed one Grand Slam this season due to his vaccination status.

Schett stated that Djokovic would be the top favorite if allowed to compete at the US Open. Also, Schett noted that Djokovic is aware of the consequences his vaccine decision brings. The US Open starts on August 29 and it remains to be seen if Djokovic will be there.

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