Ash Barty launches memoir book: “My Dream Time”

Former WTA world number one and 3-time singles Grand Slam winner Ashleigh Barty announced the launch of her memoir book called My Dream Time. “My Dream Time is on shelves from today! I’m excited to share my story and hope you enjoy reading it.

The complete Little Ash series is also now available with books 5 & 6 in store,” Barty wrote on Instagram.

What is Barty’s book about

Here is the book’s description, as written on Amazon.

“It’s a tennis story. It’s a family story. It’s a teamwork story. It’s the story of how I got to where and who I am today. I’m only in my mid-twenties, and some might think that’s young to write a memoir.

Who does that, right? But for me and my team it’s always been important to reflect on every part of the journey, especially the end. In that context, the timing is perfect to share my story, from the first time I picked up a racquet as a 5-year-old girl to the night I packed up my tennis bag after winning the 2022 Australian Open.

This book gives me a chance to look back at every moment of the 20 years in between, and to think carefully through the highs and lows, the work and the play, the smiles and the tears. My Dream Time is about finding the path to being the best I could be, not just as an athlete but as a person, and to consider the way those identities overlap and compete.

We all have a professional and a personal self. How do you conquer nerves and anxiety? How do you deal with defeat, or pain? What drives you to succeed – and what happens when you do? The answers tell me so much, about bitter disappointments and also dreams realized—from injuries and obscurity and self-doubt to winning Wimbledon and ranking number 1 in the world.

My story is about the power and joy of doing that thing you love and seeing where it can take you, about the importance of purpose – and perspective—in our lives.”

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