Anti-doping expert reveals how can Simona Halep reduce her suspension

Tennis – Per the code, the penalty now is four years.

Simona Halep can reduce her suspension period if she reveals people or coaches who dope athletes, per Gabriela Andreiasu, the president of the Romanian National Anti-Doping Agency, who talked with Romanian online publication AS.

“Simona must prove her innocence if it is as she says that she does not know how that substance got into the body. However, we are talking about a biological sample that clearly confirmed that there is that substance both in sample A and in sample B.

Let’s distinguish what sample B means. We are talking about the same urine sample that was given in competition, at the US Open, which was divided into two containers. When we talk about test B, it means the counter-expertise, that is, the test that was given in August,” said Andreiasu for
“For a period of time, a year or so, she has not contacted us.

We cannot say that she disregarded the Romanian organization because I always gave her good advice. For this substance, the present sample means doping. In her case, this substance has no threshold limit. At the moment, Simona has two violations.

The one of presence, but also the one of use. If she proves how she got it into the body, the period can be reduced. But not more than half of the otherwise applicable period. Or she can provide substantial help and provide information about other people who violate anti-doping regulations or about coaches who dope other athletes.

If she has this information and makes it known, during the management period or even after a final decision is made, she can freeze, with the agreement of the World Anti-Doping Agency, the period of suspension up to 3 quarters.

The code says, as is the case with the substance that was identified in Simona’s sample, the penalty is 4 years.”

Mouratoglou may be to blame

The Romanian National Anti-Doping Agency’s head, Gabriela Andreiasu, revealed that Halep interrupted their connection last year because Simona changed her staff.

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