Alex Corretja gives thoughts on Iga Swiatek criticizing US Open ball rules

Alex Corretja agrees with Iga Swiatek that there is no need for the men and women to play with different type of balls at the US Open. A week ago, Swiatek hit out at the US Open ball rules, saying that it makes no sense to use the different type of balls for the men’s and women’s events.

The US Open is the only Grand Slam which uses different type of balls for the men’s and women’s events. Swiatek claims the balls used during the US Open women’s events are lighter and that is what is causing her problems.

Also, Swiatek explained that in today’s game the women are more powerful and that’s one of the reasons why she thinks the US Open ball rules are a bit outdated.

Corretja agrees with Swiatek

“It’s been like that for many, many years and maybe it’s time to just to put it together, and especially if those balls that they using are not suitable to play on hard court,” Corretja told Eurosport.

“Maybe before, they did it because they felt like it was an advantage for them to give them a little bit in like, let’s say, an extra power. But now we can see that the players, the women, that they’re hitting so hard, so they need to have a little bit more control.

And I heard like the ball for them, it seems like it’s flying because they’re lighter or whatever, and they don’t have that nice feeling. When you’re a player, you need to have a feeling to play. So I think they should consider that maybe for next season, they should just play with the same ball because probably in these days where we are, it doesn’t make any sense anymore to have different balls”.

Swiatek suffered shock round-of-16 exits in Toronto and Cincinnati. Now, Swiatek plays Jasmine Paolini in the US Open first round.

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